Sabtu, 28 Oktober 2017


Hello, guys! It's been a while since my last post, or it isn't? Nah, either way, today I'd like to tell you about my school's (SMA 3 Bandung) cultural festival that was held a month ago, exactly at 30th September, 2017.

Gathapraya is the name of SMA 3 Bandung this year's cultural festival. While the name of last year's cultural festival is Megantara. The name "Gathapraya" is taken from the words "ana gatha" and "abi praya". Gathapraya is open for public with the following price
1. Pre-sale 1 Rp.35.000
2. Pre-sale 2 Rp.45.000,
3. Htm Rp.55.000, and
4. Ots Rp.65.000.

Before the festival begins, SMA 3 Bandung's students had a parade from Sabuga Hall to Bali Field. Along the way, we were promoting so many Sundanese culture, such as wayang, traditional music, and traditional clothes that we wore.

We arrived at Bali Field at about 10AM, while the Festival's gate can be entered at 12.00 PM. The event was opened by singing national songs. After singing national songs, two representative of each class had a fashion show. After that, the bands and music classic of SMAN 3 performed. Also, there was a dance performance. The extracurricular collaboration of Music Classic 3, KPA (angklung), and gamelan rendition performed at 03.00 PM. After that, Tiloe’s Theater had an astounding performance about the story behind the name of Gathapraya, which is quite sad yet amazing, I'd say..

After Maghrib, we started to see another great performance  from a local dancer who's famous internationally, that I thought was a woman, but actually a man. What a plot twist, huh? There's also a sand sculpter which is the contestan of the past "Indonesia Mencari Bakat" local show, and she is quite popular at that time, and even now. Gathapraya was very amazing. Audiences were so hyped and they all participated in cheering the performers up! Because the particiipants are cheering them up, the performers were able to delivered us a good time there. Well, Newton's Third Law DOES happen.

Followed by the appearance of the HiVi group whose songs make us feel like teenagers who really are in good times. At the very moment that HiVI made their appearance, visitors seemed to be swept away by the music and singing. The show closed with a spectacular performance from Nidji that taught us that we should become a good adults in the future and work hard to make this country better and better again.

Well, after that, I went home happily and maybe will go to next's year cultural festival, too! After all, our cultural's festival is so *Bip* amazing! :D

Minggu, 15 Oktober 2017

Tourist Destination Promotional Video

Hi! Long time no see, huh?

Today, I'd like to promote a tourist destination with my friend, M. Alif Kurniawan.

Here is the link to the promotion video:

Thank you!

Senin, 21 Agustus 2017

Our Plan(s) for the Upcoming Holiday

Nabil :"Hei, Raka. How's your day?"
Raka :"Never been better. How about you?"
Nabil :"Me too. Why's that you're happy right now?"
Raka :"Well, you know... We're just gonna stay in this hell for about 2 more weeks. And after that, we're gonna finally free and go to heaven."
Nabil :"Wow, you're right... I didn't realize it because I'm too focused by this godlike homework, lol."
Raka :"Lol... Don't think too much about it. By the way, do you have any plans about what you're gonna do in that short moment heaven?"
Nabil :"Hmmm.. Let's see... I think I'm just gonna study to prepare for the next Physics Olympiad that'll be held on February."
Raka :"Wow... You're so diligent, Nabil. I don't even wanna remember that cursed physics thing anymore."
Nabil :"Lol, I can't help it... There's this agreement that forced me to contribute to this school by participating in any competition as I did in middle school. It's kinda irritating to be honest."
Raka :"Just bear with it, lol."
Nabil :"Anyway, how about your plan for the next holiday? I've told you mine, so it's only make sense if you told me yours, too!"
Raka :"Hmm, since it's a long holiday I think me and my family would visit my sister that's in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia."
Nabil :"Wow... And how exactly are you gonna go there? And may I know what's she doing there?"
Raka :"What a stupid question... Of course we'd go there by plane. And she's currently attending university for her bachelor degree in business management."
Nabil :"Your sister is so awesome! Which university did she attended?
Raka :"It's Monash University."
Nabil :"Oh, I see... Errr, I'm sure the only thing that you're gonna do there is just visiting your sister everyday, right? Is there anything that you wanna do while you're there?"
Raka :"Nothing in particular, I think... Just visiting this and that place and go back to the hotel, and so on for about a week."
Nabil :".... Aren't you like... bored by doing the same routine everyday for a week?"
Raka :"Errr, I really don't want to hear that from you, lol."
Nabil :"Oh yeah, I forgot... This sucks... Spending your precious 2 weeks worth holiday for studying is just... Arrrrghhhh."
Raka :"Just... Do your best."
Nabil :"Yeah, thanks, Raka."
Raka :"You're welcome."

Dialogue by :
1. Moch Nabil Farras Dhiya
2. Tubagus Baraka Kautsar
X Science 8

Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

My Recent Grateful Experience

Hello, everyone!

It's me, Nabil '-')b

Today, I'd like to tell you aboutyhis unforgettable experience of mine. If I remember correctly, this accident happened exactly a month ago.
It was Tuesday, 18 July 2017. That was the second day of "PLiST 2017". So that this story will make sense, I'll tell you from the beginning, what is PLiST, why this accident of mine could happen, and such.

PLiST stands for "Pengenalan Lingkungan Sekolah Tiga", an event that was held annually by 3 Senior Highschool Bandung. The purpose of this event is to introduce the environment of 3 Highschool Bandung to the new students, so that they'll know each other, the environment, the seniors, and the teachers that's in 3 Senior Highschool.
The only thing that I hate about this event is that they (senior) give us some unlogically task to complete within 3-4 days. And after this and that and so many sacrifices (lol), we were able to make it past the first day somehow. But unfortunately, that cursed task is not over, yet. We were ordered to make a journal about what had happened that day, especially about the activities that you do at that so called "useful" PLiST.
I stayed up until 10-11PM to do write that journal. Morever, because I DID a mistake on the first day, that my hair is in contact with my ear, I HAVE TO write a reflection journal about the mistake that I DID on the first day, on a full page folio size paper. I was quite lucky because I just make one mistake. Unfortunately for one of my friend, Satrio, he made 6 mistakes, so he MUST write 6 reflection journal about the mistakes that he did, 1 page each.

After I'm finally finished my homework for the second day of PLiST, I fell asleep. I can't sleep for too long because at 5.30AM, I've to be already at Jl. Sumatra, in front of GO Sumatra to receive a stamp from a senior. If you don't understand what it is, just imagine a daily login like in a game, it's not that much different. Later on in the morning, I woke up a little late than usual, I was panicked, and my mind is not working properly, But for now, I made it on time, even earlier than the decided time. I arrived there at 5.15AM. As we all know, it's quite rare for people to be arrived at their destined place 15 minutes earlier than the promised time, especially in Indonesia, moreover, IT'S.FIVE.IN.THE.MORNING. 


I forgot to put my book and journal back to my bag before I get out of the car. And when I just noticed it, my brother who escorted me already left. My lowbattery and out of "pulsa" just worsen the situation and make me panic again. I tried to ask for help from Ganesha Operation nearby. But unfortunately, it was 5 in the morning so naturally, no employees are there at the moment. The only available person there was it's security, but he can't help me either.
It just made me even panicked.... 
But then, GOD HELP ME \ :V /

There's this unknown group of person that just happens to escort their child. Fortunately, she was just like me, a new student of 3 Senior Highschool Bandung. At first, I was hesitated to ask their parents to allow me to call my brother and bring my book to me. But I throw that hesitation feeling of mine and ask their parents. AND THEY ALLOWED ME!!!
Finally, I called my brother and not long after, he gave me the book and the reflection journal, and the second day of PLiST went away without any problem. :d
I couldn't thank them enough for what they did to me until now.....
I couldn't imagine what fearsome situation that could happen if only they didn't allowed me to call my brother....
Thank you, God... If I were to tell you how much I thank you for all the things that you've done to me, it would took me my whole life to do it....

Okay, I think that's about all from now. Maybe this experience of mine is absurd, but I don't mind it. Because to be honest, I can't think of anything else to write about my recent grateful situation (lol). You can blame my bad memory for this....

See You Next Time! ('-')/

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017


A Meeting at the Library

Nabil :"Hey, I always see you here afterschool. May I know what you are doing right now?"

Ilham :"Oh, Hey. Currently, I'm studying Physcics for tomorrow's test."

Nabil :"Wow, how diligent of you. May I know who you are? Coincidently, I really love Physics."

Ilham :"Sure, I'm Ilham from X Science 12. How about you?"

Nabil :"I'm Nabil from X Science 3. I'm sorry to ask this so sudden, but can I ask you a question about my Physics homework that I don't understand? It's about solid motion."

Ilham :"Sure, I'll do what I can to help you. Can you show me the question, please?"

Nabil :"Here you go."

Ilham :"Oohh, this... I think, first you should remember newton's laws. As for this question, you should sum the cube 1 and 2's net force in x and y direction, and then substitute the equation to eliminate the same variable. And thus, you'll find the acceleration of each cube."

Nabil :"Aaa, I see... So that's how you do it. I didn't thought about that method before..."

Ilham :"I just realized about it few days ago."

Nabil :"Really? At least you realized it, lol. By the way, thanks for your help! Can I ask you other things again sometimes ? And maybe we can discuss some problems that both of us don't understand, like Olympiad problems and such?"

Ilham :"Wow, such a great idea! Let's do that!"

Nabil :"I know right! Actually, I want to do it right now, but unfortunately I have cram school to attend at 3PM. It's 2.30PM now, so I better hurry!"

Ilham :"I think you must run to get there on time, or else you won't make it..."

Nabil :"Yeah ... I know."

Ilham :"By the way, about your sugggestion earlier, I'm always here everyday afterschool, if I don't have any urgent matter at thay day. So, maybe sometimes we can discus some other subjects, like Math and Chemistry, if you don't mind."

Nabil :"Sure, I'd love to do that! Oh, by the way, can I ask what's your LINE ID? That way, I can ask you some question that I don't understand later, and the other way!"

Ilham :"What a good idea, then here it is. My LINE ID is ilhamazka123."

Nabil :"Ilhamazka123 it is, then. ok, I'll make sure to add you as soon as I got back home!"

Ilham :"Sure, I'll wait your add request tonight! I'm so hyped to continue our discussion later!"

Nabil :"So do I! Ok then, maybe it's time for me to hurry and go to my cram school..." 

Ilham :"Ok then, Nabil. See you next time!"

Nabil :"Until then...."

Dialogue by :
1. Ilham Azka R (11)
2. Moch Nabil F (18)
Class X Science 8

Senin, 31 Juli 2017


Good day to you, Sir/Madam!

First, allow me to introduce myself '-')/

My name is Moch. Nabil Farras Dhiya. You can call me Nabil or Farras. I was born on the 21th Century in Tasikmalaya to a happy family. My father's name is Dadan, and my mother's is Yulia. Both my father and mother are currently working as a civil server. As of today, my father is working in Pontianak. His workplace is temporary, because every 2-3 years he'll be placed in another city. While my mother is always working in Bandung to take care of me and my two brothers. My older brother is a student in an University on Bandung, while my little brother is an elementary student in Labschool. Now, all of us lived at Bumi Panyawangan, Jl. Marsawa III No. 1.

Ok, maybe that's enough about my family, now I'll focus about telling myself '-')b

Ok, let's start again. My name is Nabil. As I said before, I was born on the 21th Century. 2003, to be exact. Now, I'm a student in SMAN 3 Bandung. Normally, now I should be a 3th grade student in Junior High School, but because I finished my Elementary study in 5 years, a year earlier than normal (due to an acceleration program, which allow you to finish a study faster than normal), here I am. For your information, I studied in Labschool for 5 years and 2 Bandung Junior High School for 3 years. Actually, I want to enter 5 Junior High School to join Acceleration Program again, but my parents forbid me because they're afraid that I'm gonna be too exhausted. 

My hobbies are relatively unique, because reading a manga (Japanese comic), and studying physics or math are very troublesome for some people. On my free time, I usually studying Olympic grade Physics and Math problems or simply watching an Anime all day long. Even on holiday, I spent 19 hours/day playing games for 1-2 months, leaving only about 5 hours or so to sleep. So, my brain usually didn't work properly on the first and second week of school. So from now on, I vow to myself to never drown in the virtual world again.

Even though I love studying, doesn't mean that I love EVERY subject. Because you know, I really suck at Biology and History. So, basically I suck, really suck at memorizing something, except numbers, concepts, and formulas. 

Maybe some of you are wondering, "Why do I like studying, especially physics and math?"
Well, there are many reasons. As I tell you before, one of it is because I suck at memorizing. The other is because I think, Physics is the only way for us, human, to understand completely about how this world truly works, starting from sound, motion, liquid, planets, and many others. As for Math, Math is the "bridge" for every Science subject. We even use math on Chemistry, Economy, and many others. Lastly, it's related to my dream. My dream is to finish my doctorate degree in the University of Tokyo and become a Physicist there. Wish me luck :d

I think that's all about me for now. Further more than this is dangerous (lol). I absolutely don't want my private information to be leaked on the Internet.
I wish all of you will be able to achieve your dream, whoever you are, and whatever your dream is, as long as it's a good thing. Good luck, and

See you next time! 'o')/


Hello, guys! It's been a while since my last post, or it isn't? Nah, either way, today I'd like to tell you about my school&#...