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Edu Passion 2018


Hello! So recently, there was an event called Edu Passion 2018 at my school, SMAN 3 Bandung. This event is about universities; targeted to us, highschool student so we can decied which university we'd like to go after we graduate from here.
Here's a glimpse about what happened back then! Check it out!

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Text 1
Elements of the Announcement
Found/Not Found
"Hello Georgetown"
Information of the
event including
date and place
Contact information (email)

Text 2

Elements of the Announcement
Found/Not Found
"Call for Proposals (Fund by the European Commision)
Information about Avian Influenza disease from H5N1 virus that's spreading in Indonesia since August 2003 that has been affecting 10 million person and what the researchers will do about it
Contact information (website)
WHO Indonesia Country Office Website

Text 3

Elements of the Announcement
Found/Not Found
 "We are proud to announce we outgrew our old place"
Information about the new location of the new store (Computer Store) that's located in Jl. Melati Utara no. 14, Lumajang. Their old address and phone number remain the same, while it's used as a Service Center.
 Contact Information (phone number and website)

Text 4

Elements of the Announcement
Found/Not Found
Not Found 
ざんえん です ね
 Detail information of the event (opening of new branches), including date and place
1. Date : 1st January 2018
2. Place : Medan, Denpassar, Lombok, and Makassar.
 Not Found
 ざんえん です ね



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A Person Who Inspires Me

Hello guys! It has not been long since my last post, huh? Since Diego's post.
Maybe you guys are wondering why do I post two posts in short distance? Well, it's because of school's demands, my English teacher, to be exact.
Anyway, in this post, I'd like to tell you guys a bit about the person who "makes" this me in the present. Do you guys have any idea?
Well, my hint is that person is related to my dream, which is to become a physicist in Japan and live there, if you had read my first post.
Ok, without any further ado, here it is.

Source : https://www.geni.com/people/Christopher-Hirata/

... "Who's this guy?"
I bet that question are the first thing that's on your mind when you see this picture.
Well, not many person know him, except people with high level interest in Science. Physics, to be exact.
Ok, I'll tell you guys about him now.
He is Christopher Hirata. He was born in Michigan, at 30 November 1982. He is the main role model for me to reach my goal (excluding the Japan part, of couse. Because currently he work in the USA).
Why, you ask? What's so special about him that makes me make him as the person who inspires me the most, after my parents?
Hehe, because ....

He is a child prodigy. We all know that child prodigy is defined as a child under the age of ten who can already produce the same results of work as an adult expert, or even more. There are only a few of them among billion of people in this earth, and he, Christopher Hirata is one of them. In Mathematics, we have Terence Tao with an IQ of 230, and in Physics (Astrophysics, to be exact), we have him, with an IQ of 225.
You guys are like "WTF 200+!?" lol. I mean, I know how you guys feel, because I feel so stupid compared to these two. There's this famous Indonesian proverb that are actually very good to describe our difference in level, "Bagai langit dan bumi", which is VERY accurate. :(

Just imagine, guys.
At just the age of 13 years, he received a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad and the next year he was enrolled into Caltech University which means he commenced his university education at the age of 14years.  Furthermore, at only the age of 16 years he was already working with NASA on project exploring the possibility of colonizing Mars. Yes, you read correctly! Working with NASA at the age of 16 years! And that’s not all; he got his Ph.D. at 22 years old from Princeton. Christopher is known to be an outstanding young cosmologist and astrophysicist whose research ranges from purely theoretical investigations to original data analysis.

At the age of 13 and 14, I was a f*king weeaboo, and my only activity is watching Japanese group Idol on youtube  Well, I do it even now, but not as frequent as back then.
Right now, I barely understand National Level Physics Olympiad Problem that had many calculus form, and he got a gold in the International Level in just the age of 13. Damn :( F* my life.
I DO understand some National Problem, but with some help from Solution Page ;) Because sometimes my mind went blank and didn't know what the next step is. Sometimes, it's so frustating but at the same time, it's also exciting because the problems they gave me at school was so simple and didn't even took 15 min to solve a problem, while a National Level may took an hour, or more (for me). So now maybe you guys can imagine how smart Christopher Hirata is, and how he inspires me to become a person like him, a good Astrophysicst.
Why Astrophysict? Because I like to see the stars glowing in the sky at night, and at the same time, I like Physics too. So I think, why don't I do both? If he can do it, why can't I?
I know my IQ is not as high as him, even though his IQ was almost 1.5 times higher than mine (damn), I think we all have the freedom to do what we love and do our best.
A wise man once said, "With hope and hardwork, what kind of thing is impossible?" ;)

Okay guys, that's all from me. I know this is short, because too be honest I don't have much time. 
Why? Olympiad is next week :( And I barely study in the last few weeks.
So, ok. Wish me luck and see you guys on my next post!

As souvenir, I'd like to give you guys a little idea about how hard an International Level Olympic is. This is the Solution, by the way. I didn't including the problem because too lazyyy......


1) Who is the person that inspires the author?
A. Christopher Hirata
B. Terence Tao
C. His mother
D. His father
E. Japanese Group Idol

2) What's so special about him?
A. He/she is a weeaboo
B. He/she is a genius
C. He/she won IMO and got a gold medal
D. He/she got a gold medal at IPhO at the age of 13
E. He/she is an astrophysicist

3) Where did he/she got his PhD?
A. Institute Technology of Bandung
B. Tokyo University
C. Kyoto University
D. Princeton University
E. Massasuchetes Institute of Technology

4) At what age did he/she work with NASA?
A. 13 years old
B. 14 years old
C. 15 years old
D. 16 years old
E. 17 years old

5) What's the main reason he was summoned to NASA when he was teen?
A. Tour from a prestiguous school
B. Discussing Mars colonization problem
C. Picnic with his family
D. Because he was a child prodigy
E. Because he has an IQ of 225

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Ice Age's "Tiger" (Part II)

(continued from Part I)

Alright, finally we arrived at the last part!! Last three part, actually :v
As stated on the post before this, now I'll tell you guys about Diego's characters, his amazing abilities, and what makes him so unique compared to the other animals.

Okay, let's start already. From what I read, Diego's estimated body weight, which is in this case, Smilodon fatalis, is around 160-280 kg (353-617 lb) and 175 cm long, if we measured it from it's rump to snout. Even though he's quite long, his height is not bad either, with 100 cm tall, he can run so fast and prey on its prey. And lastly, I did said that his tail is very short, right? And yeah, I was right. His tail is just around 35 cm long. So, it's about as long as a 30 cm ruler, right? It's quite small for a relatively huge species like this.
Here's the picture that I got from google.

Source : http://library.sandiegozoo.org/factsheets/_extinct/smilodon/smilodon.htm

Fyi, that's the real thing lol, not like the picture on the post before. Back then, I put Diego's pic because I need to give you guys some visualization about the topic I'm going to brag. Because some of you guys might didn't actually realize that you already know a Smilodon before I write this. So I hope Diego's pic on the first post might ring a bell on your brain :v

Ok, anyway let's move onto Diego's amazing abilities. Even though I said "abilities", I'm actually just going to write one. The main reason is because it's already night and I AM really sleepy D:
Alright, so as we all know, Smilodon has a huge tooth that happens to be a devistating weapon on it's hunt. 
‬Smilodon also had weaker jaw muscles than many other large cats that had smaller teeth. The key feature of the jaws is the enormously wide gape.‭ ‬Compared to one of today’s lion's that can open their mouths to‭ ‬60‭ ‬degrees,‭ ‬Smilodon could double this by opening its mouth to‭ ‬120‭ ‬degrees.‭ ‬Although impressive on paper,‭ ‬this is actually a very necessary adaption if it were to get full use of its teeth without also being handicapped by them.‭ ‬Considering that the teeth were up to‭ ‬28centimetres long,‭ ‬the lower jaw would barely clear the bottom of the teeth if it could only open by‭ ‬60‭ ‬degrees.

Let's talk about Diego's uniqueness. What makes Diego so unique? You might be wondering as of now. Because I do too.
Well, I don't know what makes Diego so unique, to be honest. But if I think of one, then maybe his tail size. I don't know how to put it, but he had a quite small tail despite his huge appearance. You might think that I'm joking right now, but it's actually my honest opinion right here, lol.

And yeah, that final part marks the end of our meeting for this topic.
See you guys on the next post! (That I hope will not happen anytime soon)


1) What's the exact species of Diego?
a. Smilodon fatalis
b. Smilodon populator
c. Smilodon gracilis
d. Smilodon diegomae
e. Dire wolf

2) What makes Diego so unique according to the writer?
a. His face
b. His short tail
c. His ability to open his mouth up to 120degrees
d. His characteristics
e. His life cycle

3) Where did Diego live in his era?
a. America
b. Europe
c. Africa
d. Australia
e. Europe

4) Why did Diego went extinct?
a. Because the hunter hunt too many of his friends
b. Because Diego didn't passed the Natural Selection (Darwin Theory)
c. Because of the Ice Age
d. Because there's no more animal to hunt
e. Because at the time there's a huge meteor that caused Diego's species went extinct

5) When did Diego live ?
a. 250 mya - 100.000 years ago
b. 25 mya - 10.000 years ago
c. 30 mya - 15.000 years ago
d. 300 mya - 150.000 years ago
e. 15 mya - 5.000 years ago

Ice Age's "Tiger" (Part I)

Hello, Friends! It's been a while since my last post, No? A week is quite long isn't it, especially if your school gave you so many homeworks at once and you didn't feel motivated enough to do it rofl.

Anyway, today I'm going to tell you guys about one of the extinct animal that is quite famous, maybe. But for you guys who had watched "Ice Age" Film years ago AND read this post's title (lol) , you might know what's I'm going to post here today. Here's the picture!

Source: http://hero.wikia.com/wiki/Diego_(Ice_Age)

(What a smug face, huh?)
Well, to start off, let's clear some misunderstanding first. MAYBE, MAYBE okay, some of you might think that this is actually a tiger. But let's take a closer look. First, if you read carefully, I did mention that I will tell you guys about "One of the extinct animal". Does tiger already extinct in the 21st century? I think no. Second, tiger nowadays doesn't have a fang that long, right? Not to mention that very short tail. But yeah, those parts of him makes him pretty cool in my opinion, even more that Modern's Tiger. And that's why I decided to tell you guys about "Diego", rather than a tiger.

Okay, I think I'll tell you guys about the things that I'm gonna write about Diego today. Firstly, of course, who the **** is Diego? We already know he is not a tiger, than what? Second, we need to know his life cycle. Does his life cycle match with tiger nowadays? And lastly, I'll tell you guys about his characters, his freaking awesome abilities, and what makes him so unique compared to the other species, for me. Ok, because I don't want this post to be too long like the post before this, let's start right away.

What's first? Right, his name. His name is Diego, lol. No, no, his actual name is actually Saber-toothed cat. A CAT!?!?  Damn....
We're all an intelligent person, so let's talk about some basic Biology right now (even though I'm bad at it). From what I got from wikipedia.org, this is his REAL IDENTITY according to the classification system, you know, those Animalia, Phylum, Class or whatsoever thing.

Kingdom : Animalia
Phyluum : Chordata
Class : Mammalia
Order : Carnivora
Suborder : Felifornia
Family : Felidae
Subfamily : Machairodontinae
Tribe : Smilodontini
Genus : Smilodon

There's actually a lot of species from Smilodon genus, but I'm just gonna write one (lol), and that's S. fatalis.

Ok, so now you already know who Diego is, right? :D Even though you don't really understand those classification, just remember that Diego is a sabre-toothed cat from Smilodon Genus, that's it.
And now, let's move onto the second one, and that's his life cycle. Do I really need to write it? D:, it's a mammal and of course they give birth to they child, not through eggs like Aves. So yeah, basically like this. Let's say there are two Smilodon, a male and a female. They both engage with each other, and this and that happen, and so they give birth to they child. When the child were not strong enough to hunt by himself, the parents gave him their share food. But as time goes by, the parents teach their child how to hunt properly. So as for the question I asked on the previous paragraph, the answer is No. Their life cycle doesn't had any significant differences with the modern tigers.
Oh, right. I actually forgot to mention this before. Maybe some of you guys wondering how does this COOL Sabre-toothed cat went extinct? Well, it's actually like this. They lived in the Americas during the Pleistocene epoch (2.5 mya–10,000 years ago). They roamed the mid-western US and parts of both North and South America and were named for the enormous canines which skeletons show, protruded quite far out of their mouths. It became extinct in the Quanternary period(the end of the dinosaur period) and during the ice age. So yeah, it does actually makes sense why in the "Ice Age" Film, they had a Smilodon as one of the character, along with Mammoth.
That's enough about Diego's life cycle. There's nothing much to mention, anyway, except those awfully long explanation about how Diego's species went extinct.

(continued on Part II)

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My Last Holiday (Part II)

(continue from part I)

Me, my brothers and our "uncle", went to a nearby mosque to do Shalat Jumat. A hour later, we finally finished and went back to my father's boarding house. After we arrived there, I don't clearly remember what we did after that, but I'm quite sure I was slept until afternoon, while they were back to Kapuas River. At first, my mom was against it, but because my little brother really wanted to ride a boat again, finally they went back there. At 5, I was awakened by the arrival of my family, including my father who just finished his work. We prepared our stuff as soon as possible because at dusk, we were going to Singkawang, which is quite far from Pontianak, not to mention that the day after was Christmas so the traffic is going to be crowded.

As soon as we finished Shalat Maghrib, we went to Singkawang, with my "uncle" as the driver. As expected, the traffic was so busy lol, so I was a little irritated honestly, even though the traffic is not as bad as here in Bandung. Because it was "already" 7 and I was a little sleepy, (even though I just slept about 4 hour earlier w), I decided to sleep with an earphone plugged into my ear. Unfortunately, I can only slept for about a hour, I don't know what the reason is actually, and so once again, I was irritated because it's still far away from Singkawang. But now, I decided to play some game on my phone patiently. I was so focused on the game, thus I didn't realized that we had already arrived at our destination place. But because it was almost midnight, we went to a hotel called Swiss Bell Inn and took a rest there for a night.

In the morning, actually we were planning to watch a sunrise together, but because we were too lazy to wake up, our plan was in vain. However, we actually went to a nearby beach after we had breakfast. I didn't remember what it's called too, because I didn't really interested in it. But nonetheless, I still took a photo from where I was there with my beloved family. (We didn't took a photo together tho').

After we took some photos, we went to a zoo which is not too far from that beach. Oh yeah, there's also this funny experience when we went to the zoo, NOT mine, though, it's my lil' bro's. The thing is, when my little brother was feeding some snacks to the monkeys, suddenly there's a monkey that jumped to my brother's right hand and bit it, lol. He was surprised and almost cried, even though he was already 7. And so, my father and him went to a toilet to wash his hand. And then, we get into the car and took a short tour around the zoo before we get out from that place.

It was already 9, so we had a little time left before we had to go back to Pontianak. On our way to the hotel, we visited some famous chinese temple with some kanji written on it ( Even though I can read Japanese Kanji, I can't read Chinese ones :( ). But I was not in the mood to take a photo, so my brothers and mother are the only ones that took it, while me, my father, and "uncle" waited inside the car because the weather outside was so hot. As soon as they finished took some photos (again), we went back immediately to our hotel and packed in our belonging and check out.

We then went back to Pontianak and head straight to the Airport (I forgot it's name, you can check it in the first part of the story). After we arrived there, we said goodbye to my father that had to stay there because of work, and then we went inside the Airport to check in. But yeah, as they said, life doesn't always go as planned, because our flight was delayed for 3 hours. And because we were there already since 2 o'clock, and our flight was originally at 3 o'clock, we had to wait for 4 hours in total ( Damn :( ). And so because I was sooo bored at that time, I was finally decided to study some Physics University Mechanics which is actually quite hard, at least for me. Some of you might know what "Lagrangian Mechanics" is, and yeah, that's what I studied while I was waiting for 4 f****** hours. While I studied this, my big brother was playing with his phone and sometimes talked to a person beside him, that happens to be had a same flight schedule with us. My little brother and mom went to a food store and bought us some fried chicken, fried potato, and ice cream.

Time flies by, and it was already 6. Finally we were called to get inside the airplane and prepare to go back to Bandung. Even though it was irritating, it was also exciting because I rarely go outside the Java Island, because I don't want to, my house is already comfortable enough :P .
After an hour and a half, we arrived to Husein Airport, Bandung, and immediately order a nearby taxi and went back to our home.

There was still a week left before school comes, but I think this is enough already. I can't clearly remember what happened after that, so yeah, I'll end it here :d.
As always, thanks for taking your time to read this I-don't-know-what-did-I-just-write story, and


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My Last Holiday (Part I)

Yahoooo!!!! Long time no see, huh?
Do you remember who I am? Kidding.

Well, I didn't had anything special to put it into my blog so I decided to slack off for the past months.
But now, I have something "special" to share it with you guys. Not so special, but whatever. Maybe you guys already know what I'm going to write here in this post. Yeah, because of the entry.
Ok, so now I'm going to share My Last Holiday Experience with you guys. Don't expect anything luxurious, because I'm a simple man that was born from a simple family (lol).

My Last Holiday was a month ago (yes, of course) that was ONLY lasts for around 2 weeks ;-;. After we, 10th graders had finished our Final Exam for the 1st semester, we have a week (more or less) to finish our school matters before our final score is going to be delivered to our parents. That was one of the most frightening yet happy moment in my life. I was frightened because I'm not so sure of my History and Biology score on the Final Exam. For you who had already read my first post, you will know the reason. But well, like they said, if THERE IS a bad side, then there MUST be a good side in it, because good and bad are two sides of the same coin. And after a week, my mother went to school to take my report for the 1st semester. I was about 40-60% sure that I must repeat my History or Biology study next year because there are only 20 questions which I can answer with confidence, the rest are just nah. But yeah, miracle DOES happen. I don't know why but my History and Biology score is safe, so I don't need to study those materials again in the upcoming year. The rest of the score is just as I expected, especially Physics because that is my favorite subject of all.

After I received my report, I was relieved and my mind was so clear because I just slacking off all day long. I also didn't studied Physics material for the upcoming Olympiad because I forgot to do it lol. But even though it's a holiday, I decided not to hibernate like a polar bear until school comes. Rather, my family and I went to Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat Province that was located in the northern part of Indonesia to refresh our mind. Besides, Pontianak is the city where my father works at the moment, as a civil server.

And so, on Thursday, 21st of December, 2017, me, my mom, and my two brothers woke up at 4 and was preparing ourselves to go to Husein Airport because we had our flight schedule at 06.30, which means we had to be at the airport already before 6 o'clock. This and that happened, and we went to Pontianak together by airplane, with me on the seat beside the window so I was the one with the privilege to watch the beautiful scenery when we were in the air. After around a hour, we finally arrived at Supadio Airport and was picked up by my father. At noon, we didn't do anything in particular beside touring around the city because my father had work until the afternoon.

When my father finally finished his work, all of us went to Sungai Kapuas and rode a local boat to explore the biggest river in Indonesia. Even though it was already evening when we rode the boat, it was quite a sight to watch the sparkling of house on the left and right side of the river, not to mention the wind is so cool. Oh yeah, there's this funny event when we rode the boat. The boat was very slow, it's velocity was less than 1m/s, I'd say. And so, my father asked me on which direction the river was flowing. It was so dark and I honestly thought that the river was flowing in the same direction with the wind, but this father of mine had this argument which I don't really remember what it is that said it was actually the opposite. And that lead us to debate for quite a long time along our way back lol. But finally I didn't really want to continue it so I just put an end to it and sleep. Quite rude, huh?

On the following day, all of us, except my father that went to his office, didn't move from our bed until around 8.30. But we suddenly remembered that we hadn't visited the famous Tugu Khatulistiwa, a place where the equator line (0 degree) passes, and divided earth to 2 section horizontally. Finally we dressed up and went to the destination place. We arrived there after 30 minutes because there was not many car at the time, so we had enough time to took some place before we decided to go back and did our obligation as Muslim, which is Shalat Jumat.

*) This story of mine might take a while so I decided to take a rest and continue it after an hour or so.
(continued on Part II)

Edu Passion 2018

  Hello! So recently, there was an event called Edu Passion 2018 at my school, SMAN 3 Bandung. This event is about universities; target...